Kainuu Vocational College

Kainuu Vocational College

KAO_300dpi_7x5cm_taustatonKainuu Vocational College organizes upper secondary vocational education for young people and adults and the main campus is in the Kainuu region in Kajaani in Finland. KAO is actively involved in the development of economic and working life, and anticipate its changes in our course selection. KAO offers our students diverse education and training options and the opportunity to develop individually into experts in their chosen fields.

KAO operates on a nationwide basis and is also active in international projects and has permanent training establishments in Kajaani, Kuhmo, Kuusamo, Suomussalmi, and Vuokatti. The Adult College also has branches in Sotkamo and Vantaa, as well as Estonia. Approximately 2,400 young people and 5,500 adults study at Kainuu Vocational College every year. Of these, approximately 400 are apprenticeship students. The college has 470 employees, and its turnover in 2011 was MEUR 39.

Education fields are Business & Economics, Culture, Nature Resources, Social & Health Care, Tourism, Catering & Domestic Service and Technology, Communication & Transport. Nature Resources learning environment of KAO is at the Seppälä campus including college farm, Dog Hotel and kennel facility, cattle shed, horse stables, workshop, forests, cultivated fields, garden center and sports turfs, as well as practicing indoor facility for landscaping techniques. Nature Resource Unit co-operate closely with a number of companies, and on-the-job learning forms a significant part of all studies.


Opintie 3,
87100 Kajaani
Telephone exchange: +358 8 61651
E-mail: kao@kao.fi
Website: www.kao.fi
Staff e-mail: firstname.lastname@kao.fi