FEGGA-MASTER-LOGOThe Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA) is a non profit organisation and was formed in 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Federation is the umbrella body for the National Greenkeeping Associations in Europe. Originally formed to be a communication medium between the Committed to Green Programme of the European Golf Association and European Greenkeeping Associations the role of the Federation has expanded greatly since 1996.

FEGGA now plays an every day role in our Member Associations through the promotion of Educational Standards and Professional Recognition along with the many issues facing Greenkeepers concerning the European Union, EU Legalisation.

Having built a network of Contacts through Europe, the Federation is assisting the Promotion of the Profession of Golf Turf Management Country by Country, Working with Golfing bodies, our Patron Members and other Allied Associations. Many benefits are now visible across Europe with Educational Programmes, Environmental Policies and General recognition of the Profession.

Mission Statement

FEGGA is Dedicated to Communicate and Share Environmentally Sustainable Ideals and Skills for Quality Golf Course Management


FEGGA provides a range of services to its Member associations and can be grouped into three categories, these being:


This category can be divided into two, formal education and continuous learning. FEGGA have recently been part of setting up the European Greenkeeping Training Unit (egeu).

Continuous learning is a very important part of day to day learning and FEGGA provides support in this area through advice and also its Roadshow events that have now been operated in some 12 Countries over the past six years.

FEGGA also has a speaker bank that offers its Members Associations contact with a range of speaker’s world-wide covering industry learning presentations.


The environment work has always been a major focus of FEGGA’s work and still remains so.

FEGGA has played a key role in the development of the now Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) formally the Golf Environment Europe (GEE). It represents all the national Greenkeeper Associations on the Forum group of GEO and therefore helps to steer the development with greenkeepers and golf in mind.

FEGGA works closely with the R&A and the work of the Golf Course Committee and its Best Practice for Golf Course Management.

FEGGA has its own Environmental policy document and through its communication sets the guidelines for greenkeeper associations to follow. It also presents itself as a platform for GEO and the R&A to communicate their work within golf.

Lobbying has been a role that FEGGA has undertaken for the benefit of its Members through the many outlets that exist through to the EU. The R&A have recently formed a new committee in conjunction with the European Golf Association and all the European allied Associations, FEGGA will play a major part within this new structure which will bring many more positive routes to lobbying and forming widespread relationships at EU level.


FEGGA is a clearing house for information and serves as a good tool for its Members and Patron members. It currently operates a web site, which is shortly to be replaced with a new edition. It also produces two hard copy newsletters per year and will shortly start producing a new electronic version that will go out monthly.

FEGGA hold a main Conference every year for all its Memberships, allied associations and European golf organisations.


FEGGA currently has 24 Greenkeeper Association member Countries, 23 in Europe and 1 outside being South Africa.

FEGGA also operates a Patron Membership and currently has 33 Memberships within this category.