Benešov College

Benešov College

benesovBenešov is a town with cca 20 000 inhabitants which is situated 40 km south of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, in developer agricultural and recreational area.

This state school was established more than hundred years ago and since then it has granted a qualification to many students. Agricultural Secondary School offers to the graduates of Elementary school free fields of study:

Horticulture – school studying programme:

  • Garden construction and maintenance
  • Golf resort maintenance

Agro Enterprising – school studying programme:

  • Running of the agricultural enterprise
  • Business in agriculture
  • Horse breading and riding horses
  • Mechanization in agriculture
  • Food technology

Natural Science Lyceum – school studying programme:

  • Science and research

Veterinary – school studying programme:

  • Veterinary technician
  • PET specialist

The study lasts four years, ends with school leasing examination which includes both practical and theoretical parts. The students of our school ether do their practical training at the school farm or at many other enterprises where they are provided with some up-to-date technologies.

The field of study at Agricultural College is Agro Enterprising and takes three years.
Currently, there are 430 students studying at Agricultural Secondary School and 144 students studying at Agricultural College; the number of teaching staff is 65.

Our school participated on Green-E project. Added value of this project for our school:

  • New studying programme unique at state secondary school in the Czech Republic
  • Unique school driving range
  • Educated teachers for teaching green keeping
  • Green keepers course for adults (lifelong learning education sector)